Project Necrons: Oh dear

Well there’s some sad news, exodus wars is no more! For those not in the know, they’re the manufacturer of a whole bunch of 6mm minis including the funky evil not-necron robots that many people use for their not-necron armies. You can read a bit more over on TACCOMMS. Can’t say fairer than that really! […]

More weekend progress

This weekend saw the delivery of the cheapest hobby supply I think I’ve ever bought. So I needed a broom head for my ponds so that I could steal a handful of bristles to use as reeds.. right? Right.. well.. £2, free postage, I bought a new 12″ broom head off of ebay. It probably […]

Project: Necrons is go!

Finally received the last of my order from Exodus Wars yesterday, a bunch of Evil Robots Edenites! Specifically the models I’ll use for Lords and Pariahs. Incidentally, there was a bit of a mix up with the order and I received some extra stuff that I hadn’t ordered… emailed Tom and he told me there’d […]

Exodus Wars release 6mm gothic ruins set

Exodus Wars have just released a plastic ‘gothic ruins’ set.. perfect for that one particular ‘gothic sci-fi’ 6mm game you all know and love. The set comes with 16 walls, enough to make four complete buildings (but let’s face it, who builds ‘complete’ ruined buildings. I think I’d use them as corner pieces, carve up […]