X-wing re-paints, the imperials!


Paul only went and got me a little bit excited for re-painting X-wing models, something I’d considered and then put off for fear of bodging it up. These were done a little while back but I’ve only just remembered I needed to post about them! He started with his scum & villainy and I was […]

More weekend progress

This weekend saw the delivery of the cheapest hobby supply I think I’ve ever bought. So I needed a broom head for my ponds so that I could steal a handful of bristles to use as reeds.. right? Right.. well.. £2, free postage, I bought a new 12″ broom head off of ebay. It probably […]

Quick tip: Basing swatches

If you’re like me, you’re an indecisive git when it comes to painting your bases and because you don’t want to try anything new (and risky on a freshly painted model!) you’ll just end up doing the same colours as usual.. sound about right? Yes? Well fear not, I have a solution! I’ve recently started […]

Hobby Week – just an idea? Any thoughts?…

Ok, here’s a random thought… my painting / modelling set up is exceedingly nomadic looking, everything relating to painting or modelling that I own is crammed into those funky stacking crates that you get with your ASDA online food shop (ask them nicely if you can have one, you’d be surprised! Worse case scenario, get […]

It’s F-F-F-F-FRIDAY! A weekend of nerdery awaits

Woo! I’d like to say I have something to say in this here blog post, but the plain truth of the matter is that I don’t. I’m just excited enough about it almost being the weekend to gush about it here. Wifey is out tonight at a friends house for wine, chinese take away and […]

Weekend progress

Malifaux WIP

For the first time in forever, I managed to string together a bunch of days worth of painting! I’d gotten started on my Malifaux Steamborg Executioner (nowadays called ‘Howard Langston’) previously and he needed finishing, and I’ve got a bunch of other bits and pieces beginning to build up on my imaginary desk. Time to […]

WAMP Kickstarter

The lovely chaps at WAMP have set up a Kickstarter project to fund the production of their own range of kolinsky sable brushes. It wasn’t until now that I realised the WAMP chaps are based in the UK… d’oh. So, have some relevant links… for starters, the kickstarter project.. the cheapest pledge is £20 (unless […]

Project: Necrons is go!

Finally received the last of my order from Exodus Wars yesterday, a bunch of Evil Robots Edenites! Specifically the models I’ll use for Lords and Pariahs. Incidentally, there was a bit of a mix up with the order and I received some extra stuff that I hadn’t ordered… emailed Tom and he told me there’d […]