Hobby Week – just an idea? Any thoughts?…

Ok, here’s a random thought… my painting / modelling set up is exceedingly nomadic looking, everything relating to painting or modelling that I own is crammed into those funky stacking crates that you get with your ASDA online food shop (ask them nicely if you can have one, you’d be surprised! Worse case scenario, get […]

Open Combat er.. Kickstarter


Honest to god I’m not just here to pimp the hell out of the various gaming related kickstarters but here’s one you need to have a nose at: Open Combat – Miniature Skirmish Game Rulebook Probably best just to let them describe it: “Open Combat is a fast-paced tabletop skirmish game in which you can […]

Guild Ball rules released


Hurrah! The official Guild Ball rules have been released, you can grab a copy over at guildball.com – go.. go now. What are you waiting for? Go grab a copy and don’t come back until you do. I’ll admit, at first glance I wasn’t all that interested when the kickstarter went live, I’m not entirely […]

Malifaux progress

Way back in the mists of time, I set about painting up my first Malifaux crew. I actually wrote a blog post about it too, aren’t I clever? No?… Well, you could at least pretend to be impressed. Well, in that very same blog post, I uttered the words “It’s something of a slow burning […]

A belated new years post, part 1

It’s almost the end of February and here I am writing a new years resolution post! I could just cheat and add in the stuff I’ve already managed to get done this year so far. Honestly, no word of a lie, I’ve already painted up 50ss worth of Malifaux minis. I swear. You believe me […]

Exodus Wars release 6mm gothic ruins set

Exodus Wars have just released a plastic ‘gothic ruins’ set.. perfect for that one particular ‘gothic sci-fi’ 6mm game you all know and love. The set comes with 16 walls, enough to make four complete buildings (but let’s face it, who builds ‘complete’ ruined buildings. I think I’d use them as corner pieces, carve up […]

Model overload syndrome, too many games, too little time

So pay day rolls around again and I find myself, after a month of not spending a penny on hobby ‘things’, yearning to buy.. something. My magpie gamer senses are tingling. I’m keen to keep purchasing hordes minis, but I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve not gotten on very far with what I’ve currently […]

New gaming, Malifaux and me.. I think we’re getting on

Malifaux is a game that, from the outside, looked at best confusing and at worst boring.. character driven skirmish game they said.. sounds like rubbish I said. Oh little old me should have realised a good thing when it grabbed me by the clangers and said “look at meeeee” I’ve always been convinced by the […]