Guild Ball: The first win!


It’s taken a while but I finally scored my first win in Guild Ball, using the Butchers this time and not the Fishermen. I, like many others, were lulled into picking the fishermen as a kickstarter reward based solely on their awesome artwork. I didn’t know much about their play style and picked them purely […]


Kaboom! It’s only a bloody hobby-splosion! I’ve been a busy bee recently, there’s been painting, there’s been (some) gaming, there’s been some branching out into new territories.. New stuff Let’s start off on that first point. I say ‘new’, in one particular case it’s more a re-visiting.. I decided a while back that I’m not […]

I scored a goal! woohoo!

More Guild Ball I’m afraid. Played another game vs Dave’s Alchemist team the other night, I lost on a 12 – 4 score (2 goals and 2 take downs versus 1 goal) but… I scored a goal! I’ll take that. I feel happier with my team now, beginning to get a better handle on what […]

Guild Ball and my first few outings!


Well it took a little while after the models were delivered to get a game in but I finally got there just before heading off on holiday a week or two back or so. I played Dave’s Alchemists and royally got my backside handed to me! Mental note.. AoE attacks are brutal, don’t bunch up! […]

Salute 2015, space games! yay!

So the weekend rolled around and Salute 2015 came and went. I didn’t go, one year I’ll get round to going, but anyway.. the main news coming out that excites me is all the spacey combat games trickling out. First off, there’s Spartan’s halo game which I honestly don’t know much about.. but the one […]

Looking at an upcoming GW release, excuse the cynic in me


So there’s been some noise on the grapevine recently that GW are releasing a board game and it isn’t another space hulk re-vamp. Shocking I know. Cool your heels off for a minute there, let’s take a look at what we’re hearing. The board game is based around the officio assassinorum and players will be […]

Hectic and a half

Well it’s the Easter weekend which for us UK chaps and chapettes, means 4 days off work if we’re lucky enough to not work in hospitality or something like that.. and for those of us with kids, that just means an extra 2 days to keep the kids entertained. Not much time for hobby stuff […]

Guild Ball is shipping right now. Now, hurry the hell up and drop through my letterbox.