An update! Oh my word.. #ParentPainters & Gloomspite Gitz

Ooops, it’s been a while since I last posted anything.. see? I’m true to my word. Despite my best intentions, I just haven’t felt the urge to write about anything. It’s fair to say you’re probably not missing much!

Despite the lack of ‘activities’ being posted, I have been active – it’s just that I stopped updating after I realised that the way I’d built this hobby (b)log was a little inefficient, if I spent 5 days on the trot painting the same thing – it felt a bit… well… dumb to be posting a new activity every time and trying to think of a fitting name that wasn’t just a repeat of the previous evening’s efforts (although they did for the most part)

I’ve had a re-think on the logic behind the scenes and I’m working on a new hobby log system that involves projects rather than activities – though activities will still be a thing, they will have no presence beyond the back end and appearing as an entry in each project. So an activity is created and assigned to a project, in this way I can use the project entry as the place to collate photos, stories of battles, background fluff, etc and also with the activities connected to them, show a breakdown of how much time has been spent on each section. It’ll make more sense when it’s done.

I have definitely enjoyed being able to track what I’ve done (as far as I was bothering to input them at least!) so definitely think this was a good idea to work on and develop, and this step is simply an iteration. You never get it 100% the first time round, and often it takes the failure to show you where it can be improved.

Anyway!… onwards… the #ParentPainters hashtag caught my eye the other week, for the challenge of painting up an Age of Sigmar force starting from November. That’d be today then. Each month, we’ll have a particular unit type to buy, paint and present by the end of the current month.

November’s theme is a character so straight away I thought back to my own resolution to have painted up a small night gobbo (‘gloomspite gitz’, whatever!) army by the end of the year and I decided to pick out this bad boy, who’s been sat in a box awaiting an undercoat for longer than I’d care to admit (Ok, somewhere around 6 months maybe? Not as bad as some)

Anyway, internet… meet Bogrot ‘eadwobbla, the infamous gobbo shaman!

Bogrot 'eadwobbla

This will be my November’s entry for #ParentPainters – I’m just glad I didn’t get round to painting him earlier in the year like I’d originally planned. It’s almost like it was meant to be. Almost.

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