Eyes of the nine, a little late!

I keep forgetting to take a proper photo of these guys so we’ll settle for the one that I took as soon as I was finished, no photo booth for these little chaps!

I enjoyed painting the little guys in the warband, but the ‘almost there, let’s just get them finished’ effect kicked in once I’d started painting the tzaangor chap and the others suffered as a result.

The one element I really enjoyed painting was the bases, it’s a nice break to move away from dark bases and I wanted an egyptian feel to them, sandstone or something like that. I did a test glaze to see if I could do some variation in the slabs but wasn’t too keen on the effect in the end so settled for uniformity across the board.

In game, they’re a weird warband to play with and certainly don’t suit my usual “go and hit everything until it stops moving” play styles so I need to adapt a little bit to get anywhere with them.

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