Boing Boing! Squig hoppers incoming!…

I think in my last post, I waffled on about wanting to dip my toes back into the world of the 41st millennium for my next project. and I did. To a degree… a very slight degree. I ended up assembling and blitzing my way through the eyes of the nine (another post about them is coming some other day) and I’ve had a little breather from hobby this week. What I did manage to do was get the deathwatch test model undercoated and started his test paint job, so less “dipping toes” and more “vaguely skirting around the edges without actually committing to ever dipping toes in anything moist”.

One of the undocumented challenges* for the year that I’ve set myself is to try and improve my painting technique and to try to avoid my usual routine of starting well and then rushing to just “get it done”. It happened with zarbag’s gits and it happened with the eyes of the nine, I started very positively and then the last handful of models suffered from the dreaded “I’m tired of this, can I just move onto the next project please?”

Knowing that to be the case; I set about trying to be a little better with the test model. My attempts at edge highlighting in the past have been lacklustre, suffering from the above. I get through one or two pieces of armour, keeping my lines nice and neat and then BOOM.. I make a mistake, a slip of the brush and then I just blitz my way through the rest of it.

Not this time baby, not this time.

I spent an hour and twenty minutes painting the first edge highlight on my deathwatch marine, and that didn’t even include the backpack. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to that kind of painting project but I’m considering it a minor victory in keeping the whole thing neat in the first place.

Anyway! I digress… the 41st millennium will have to wait a little while longer**, my friend and regular opponent, @therealcacklad, has gifted me a bunch of OOP metal gobbos during one of his clear outs (keep an eye on ebay!) – specifically: squig hoppers, squigs, herders, and a very nice limited edition gobbo boss which will make for a nice… well.. boss – meaning project ‘sneaky gitz’ can really get going now.

*there is another undocumented challenge which is a bit at odds with this one, and it’s to stop overthinking how to approach painting something, because this inevitably leads to me putting off painting the thing indefinitely.

**although I am starting to eyeball the mounds of plastic Deathguard I’ve got loitering around and wondering how many of them I’d have to throw together to have a workable kill team… I’m sure a test model will make its way onto my painting table sooner rather than later.

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