Finished! Zarbag’s Gits wrapped up

Not sure if it really counts as a project, but I’ve been busying myself painting up Zarbag’s Gits for Underworlds, so much so I’ve not painted a thing that wasn’t a little green grot since the start of the year.

I’m going to write this here because I’ll forget it otherwise. I wanted to avoid the ancient pot of goblin green I’ve got and looking at the photos, you could be forgiven for thinking I hadn’t used any goblin green at all.. but it’s in there as a basecoat. The end result was giving the flesh a purple wash after the basecoat, then it was simply a matter of using GW’s deathworld forest and death guard green to highlight. Nice and straight forward and I love the final look. If I was feeling brave, I’d try a red / purple glaze on the noses but I’m not that daft to think I could pull that off just yet.

The question is… what to turn my attention to next? I have a few more unpainted warbands for Underworlds that need some attention, but I think I might turn my eyes to the 41st millennium first – if only for a brief visit.

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