Unfinished but the guts are there…

The development of the additional functionality of this blog only began a handful of weeks ago. I’ve been plugging away at the core of it and whilst it’s not 100% finished, it’s ready to go live in a sense (no time like the present, right?)

In a nutshell, scattered among these posts you’ll see activities; any time I indulge myself in a little hobby time, it’ll get logged under one of four activity categories: painting, modelling, gaming, and terrain – the last of the four there is a weird one, but I consider sitting and making terrain so completely removed from ‘modelling’ that I decided to separate them. I like to indulge myself in a bit of cardboard and sticky back plastic and would like to see how much time I spend on that directly. Going on from there, there’s a funky little function that runs any time an activity is created or updated. This function grabs all of the existing activities data and compiles into a neat and tidy little table of stats that get displayed over there on the sidebar, currently you’ll see the tail end of activities for 2018 but that will switch to 2019 as soon as I log an activity in the new year.

Activities can include a gallery and a little brief note, the only one of those two you’ll see at the moment is the gallery but as per the title of this post.. it’s unfinished and not 100% ready for human consumption. I am at least capable of storing that information for a later date when I get the time to work on it some more.

I have also set up resolutions, though currently not visible (unless I’ve jabbered on about them in a blog post… er… which I have for both current resolutions) I do have plans to link them to activities at a later date (the guts of that is that if I log an activity that can be attributed to a resolution, you can see that on the front end and by viewing that resolution directly, you’ll be able to see linked activities and blog posts) – I might do that bit now whilst I’ve got some time… if it makes it in, then you’ll wonder what on earth I was talking about this bit for. If it doesn’t, then there’s more to come for resolutions.

Site design and styling is not even near complete and I’ve not even considered mobile devices beyond what the framework gives me out of the box; it’s almost basic at the moment but again, it’s a work in progress and if I didn’t put it live until I was 100% completely satisfied then it would be this time next year before I put it live, if at all.

The very core of it is that I have some means to capture that activities data, I can get clever with it at a later date.

Ok, techno-waffle and excuses aside.. let’s talk resolutions! I regret calling them resolutions, but I’ve started now so let’s just run with it. I’d consider them more goals, or ambitions. It’s a place to dump those mad ideas that appeal to the hobbyist in me so they don’t get forgotten about in those quieter hobby times when I’m doing very little. So a resolution is more ‘this is an idea for something I’d like to do, or think would be fun to do but it’s not going to kill me if I never revisit it‘ – get it? Think of it as a notebook for just storing scraps of ideas, and trying to expand on them at least a little; to flesh out the core of an idea and write down some thoughts. That side of things might not end up being front facing, so it’ll be just for me to peruse. But anyone visiting will see the core of the goal, just maybe not some of the thinking behind it.

Ok, so chances are I won’t get much time to post later on today so we’ll call this a new years post; may 2019 bring you oodles of hobby fun, enjoy it!

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