Purge the xenos filth!

I love space marines. Who doesn’t? Ok yea yea, there is a few of you out there. However I do; and I have more than enough spare plastics knocking around to throw together a space marine kill team and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been meaning to do so for a little while now. I’m shoving a resolution in for here for the sake of reminding myself that I need to do it sometime soon

I have two main requirements off the top of my head, the first being that I want to make each model a little unique; I don’t want to cop out with just throwing together a bunch of standard’ish looking marines. Let’s embrace the opportunity to create a little bit of character.

Secondly, I’d like to either whip up my own chapter scheme; there’s a need for a little time to stare at colours and really decide what I want to do so this one won’t be a quick resolution… OR… decide whether I want to do a broad mix of chapters, ala the old ‘crusade armies’ made up of elements of multiple chapters. I love the idea of painting a bunch of different chapters but it would have to work within a theme (which conveniently ties back into the first requirement, creating a little bit of character to the kill team)

There’s also the third factor; that no one I know actually plays kill team (but how’s that ever stopped me from debating taking on a project though?) so there’s little inclination to get done any time soon.

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