Merry Christmas! A rambling

It’s Christmas Day! Or it will be for the next.. 47 minutes* or so? At the time of writing at least. I was getting all nostalgic for Christmas’ gone by earlier on and how a Christmas present ensured I’d spent the rest of my days bent double over a table painting tiny little people. That present was Heroquest, and I’m sure the tale is a familiar one to many a gamer of a similar age.

Let’s not bother going into the nitty gritty of nostalgia here, I’m not sure I could commit that much cheese to written word but needless to say; that Christmas was pretty damn special to 12 year old me. I just wish I still had the damn thing, it’d be a perfect game to play with my own kids.

So Merry Christmas to you all, here’s hoping plenty of young impressionable minds were set astray onto the path of ‘the hobby’ by what they unwrapped today!

*a new record! I managed to write a post that didn’t take more than one day to come together. Enjoy the final 25 minutes of Christmas day!

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