Grots! Upcoming releases from Games Workshop

Yesterday, Games Workshop dropped a teaser into our inboxes hinting at new moonclan releases, with a reveal planned for today. That reveal has happened and I might have to adjust the previously mentioned resolution.

So lots of cool stuff that’s making my hobby bits tingle… the most exciting (for me) is the squigs! Decent models for squigs have been a little lacking in recent years (not including the awesome little guys in the underworlds warband), look at these bad boys:

Om nom nom

I could probably take or leave the new fanatics; I might need to go buy some of the old ones before they get shuffled off the shelves… but the new kit does look like it’s got a gobbo who’s had a little bit too much of the madcap brew which is a pretty nice little sculpt…

You can see more on those releases over at Warhammer Community, go and have a nose and when you’re done, come back and remind me I don’t even play Age of Sigmar.

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