A what of grots?

What’s the collective term for a bunch of grots? ‘Clan’ is too broad a term to use. A grottle? A grumble? Gaggle seems to fit quite nicely. Anyway, I digress.. there was a few references to grots in my previous post, and it’s mostly because I have the diminutive greenskins on the brain. What I’m trying to clumsily segue into is the first of my hobby resolutions. This is purely a painters project as I haven’t ever played Age of Sigmar, nor do I think will I get the chance… unless I paint up a few opposing warbands and set to it with my eldest. I might be able to get him on board that way but he’ll need some models to play with first*

So with that in mind, the first of my hobby resolutions is to paint up a teeny tiny ‘gaggle’ of grots, moonclan grots specifically, for Age of Sigmar. What is a teeny tiny gaggle of grots? I do have a specific number in mind, and it doesn’t require much in the way of new purchases.

A teeny tiny gaggle of grots is.. a box of 20 night goblins (or moonclan grots, or whatever they’re called these days), a night goblin lord, and a night goblin shaman. Those last two happen to be OOP metals that I’d already bought. It’s almost like I’d planned this all along eh?

That’s a starting point and it’s a manageable project; I’m not going to go off into the deep end on the first resolution because I want to keep this whole thing well within the realms of reality.

*so that means there’s another Age of Sigmar related resolution coming up, just as soon as I find something suitable for the eldest to play with. Sigmarites seems the obvious choice at this point, but we’ll see!

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