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GamingUnderworlds with Paul
Date8th Jun
Duration 03:00
PaintingThorns of the Briar Queen
Date13th May
Duration 01:30
PaintingThorns of the Briar Queen
Date1st May
Duration 01:45
PaintingThorns of the Briar Queen
Date29th Apr
Duration 01:30
PaintingThorns of the Briar Queen
Date26th Apr
Duration 01:30

Unfinished but the guts are there…

The development of the additional functionality of this blog only began a handful of weeks ago. I’ve been plugging away at the core of it and whilst it’s not 100% finished, it’s ready to go live in a sense (no time like the present, right?) In a nutshell, scattered among these posts you’ll see activities; … Continued

Grots! Upcoming releases from Games Workshop

Yesterday, Games Workshop dropped a teaser into our inboxes hinting at new moonclan releases, with a reveal planned for today. That reveal has happened and I might have to adjust the previously mentioned resolution. So lots of cool stuff that’s making my hobby bits tingle… the most exciting (for me) is the squigs! Decent models … Continued

Merry Christmas! A rambling

It’s Christmas Day! Or it will be for the next.. 47 minutes* or so? At the time of writing at least. I was getting all nostalgic for Christmas’ gone by earlier on and how a Christmas present ensured I’d spent the rest of my days bent double over a table painting tiny little people. That … Continued

Purge the xenos filth!

I love space marines. Who doesn’t? Ok yea yea, there┬áis a few of you out there. However I do; and I have more than enough spare plastics knocking around to throw together a space marine kill team and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been meaning to do so for a little while … Continued

A what of grots?

What’s the collective term for a bunch of grots? ‘Clan’ is too broad a term to use. A grottle? A grumble? Gaggle seems to fit quite nicely. Anyway, I digress.. there was a few references to grots in my previous post, and it’s mostly because I have the diminutive greenskins on the brain. What I’m … Continued

Hobby blogging: a brief vision

I frequently find myself mentally stumbling upon a theme for a tweet or something equally inane; it either comes out as a singular tweet in a constant stream of nonsense, or I get sidetracked and forget about it; in both cases it generally ends up nowhere. The other morning however marked a change, I had … Continued