Guild Ball: The first win!

It’s taken a while but I finally scored my first win in Guild Ball, using the Butchers this time and not the Fishermen. I, like many others, were lulled into picking the fishermen as a kickstarter reward based solely on their awesome artwork. I didn’t know much about their play style and picked them purely on the rule of cool… I liked the look of them.

Simple enough.

Anyway, their play style really doesn’t suit me in the slightest bit! In my first game, documented somewhere around here in a blog post, I practically forgot the ball existed and tried to beat my way to victory. Anyone who knows the Fishermen team will know very well that this is not how you play football with them.

Roll on September last year and I thought I’d splurge some cash on a second team, Butchers this time round, who.. yes.. you guessed it.. favour a completely different style of playing. One that’s much more in line with my “Ball? What ball?” approach to sports based games. Those models then spent the next few months waiting for inspiration to strike until earlier this month when I remembered I was supposed to be taking them to a tournament on the 30th. Panic painting here we come.

So in their 2nd game, I played Paul’s Morticians – probably the team I’ve played the most against (thinking about it, I’ve not actually played many games – probably around 10 or so? So I’m still fairly inexperienced!)

We played using the organised play rules (45 minute chess clock, 1 minute activations after) and it came down to the wire. Obulus missing a shot on goal, taking my 9 VP to 10, allowing Shank to seal the deal by taking down the freshly ‘icey sponged’ Silence who’d shuffled back on at the start of the turn. The game ended 12-11, a very close affair by all accounts!

Some mistakes made by me, I’ll have to remember those. I also need to remember to not horde my momentum tokens, the butchers can whip up a bunch of momentum pretty easily early on in the game simply by repeatedly hitting things.


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