Frostgrave: Terrain / Token progress

So I’ve got some progress pics for the awesomeness that is Frostgrave, specifically terrain, I’m squeezing in work on this lot whenever I’m not painting or assembling models for one of the many other games that fill my figure cases with models.

Nice to finally get somewhere with a terrain project, usually these things get started and left by the wayside to fall into disrepair but Frostgrave has actually kept me motivated.

If I haven’t mentioned it already; 3mm / 6mm MDF bases, Foamcard walls, Styrofoam floor to raise the model off the base, Detailing on corners and wall trim with cereal packet card, Slathered textured paint over the lot, added sand / cat litter / etc. for the rubble.. undercoated annnd…. this is where they’re at:


The columns are from the GW Mines of Moria set, I’ve had them knocking about for at least 8-9 years or so and never really had the urge to do anything with them. That soon changed as soon as GW gave away one of them sig-thingies away with White Dwarf to mark the release of AoS – the perfect statue… of course, one of them met with a messy end at the hands of my hobby saw but it’s all good.

This is a fountain I started working on mid-way through the ruined buildings. Again, mostly the same as the buildings above, the bulk of it is mae with foamcard and cereal packet card for detailing, with styrofoam to raise the level of the water (which I will use a clear resin for):


and lastly, the all important treasure tokens! I wanted to do something a little special with these, so I raided the bits box for some odds and sods to use and might have butchered the odd perfectly fine model in the process too… and I picked up some glitter! Gold and bronze specifically, the effect is pretty nifty and doesn’t come across well in photos, but as you move around the game table the light constantly catches the glitter and sparkles away just like real treasure. Yay! The rocky sections are made from bark chips liberated from one of my son’s favourite parks (and dried out in the airing cupboard for quite a while!)



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