Hobby time needed

Need to get a list out there of stuff I’ve got on the boil, because I’m sure I’ve forgotten a project or two that’s gathering dust and could be being worked on right now.

Guild Ball Butchers

Half assembled and began painting the starter set, the other half languishing in blister packs awaiting a bit of TLC.

Guild Ball Fishermen

One or two stragglers need to be finished off painting-wise. Not helped by the addition of season 2’s Sakana.. and Jac who I picked up at the same time.. who have pushed these down the scale from ‘almost complete’ to ‘gah!’

Project: Necrons

On hold for the time being until I whip up some 6mm enthusiasm. Got the first detachment assembled, based up and undercoated but the amount of blood I shed sanding down their little integrated bases put me off until I can find a belt sander.


Half-assembled a warband, got a few bits undercoated but nothing more than that. I really wanted to do something a little different for this game, a themed warband or something like that and trying to avoid churning out a bunch of generic looking models for the sake of getting a game in.

I also have some half finished terrain pieces for Frostgrave that need a little TLC whenever I can spend the 5 minutes to sand down the filler I slapped over some of them at the weekend.


Languishing in the pile of models that need some attention, currently gathering dust and I don’t think I’ll get round to doing anything with the Cygnar until after Christmas at a guess.

So yea, lots of stuff needing TLC. Hrmpf. Where am I going to find the time to do all of this stuff? I need a different hobby *grumble*

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