Kaboom! It’s only a bloody hobby-splosion! I’ve been a busy bee recently, there’s been painting, there’s been (some) gaming, there’s been some branching out into new territories..

New stuff

Let’s start off on that first point. I say ‘new’, in one particular case it’s more a re-visiting.. I decided a while back that I’m not done with Warmachine and Hordes, not by a long shot. What has turned me around (again)? Well, probably realising that I needed to give it a fair chance, not try ramping things up too quickly too soon.. I was approaching it all wrong. I should grab a starter box and play a whole bunch of games with that first before adding anything significant to my army. I was diving in way too hard, a very literal ‘trying to run before I could walk’ scenario.

So.. that’s what I’ve done. docbungle flogged me his cygnar starter at a very decent price and that’s just arrived in the post, so I’ll be pestering my usual gaming friends to thrash my pants off (again) at Warmachine pretty soon so I can get to grips with the cygnar pew pew approach.

For other ‘new’ branches, I’ve bought a starter for my second Guild Ball team, this time going with the butchers.. about as different to the fisherman’s guild as you could possibly get. I love the fishies, but their play style doesn’t come naturally to me, I like to play the ‘ball? what ball?‘ game first and foremost so looking forward to spilling some blood in the future with these guys.

Then there’s Frostgrave, I think I might have briefly mentioned it somewhere before but it’s basically Mordheim. You put together a warband, led by a wizard (apprentice optional but highly recommended) and go seak treasure in the frosty / wintery ruins of the city, Frostgrave. Not gotten any games in yet but convinced one of the regulars to split a box of troopers with me to get ourselves started. You can play it with any models you have knocking around and the rulebook is very reasonably priced, so the cost of entry is very low.

Painting time!

I volunteered my paint brushes to paint up a Guild Ball Alchemist player for docbungle’s WAAC Guild Ball raffle, I’ll admit, part of volunteering was because I wanted a kick up the backside to get some of my own painting done.

Success! Whilst waiting for washes and base coats to dry, I carried on (very slowly) painting up the Fisherman’s Guild team and a few more TIE interceptors for X-wing (as well as starting a re-paint on the firespray)

It’s also led to a rather nifty painting setup in my shed, finally. It does involve running an extension cable through the garden (for the much needed daylight lamp), so it does mean I can’t paint in the rain unfortunately (not until I buy a longer extension cord that won’t mind the insulated bit being left outside at least!) but it is nice to have a semi-permanent painting area set up so that I can dip in and out of painting as and when I want to.

There’s some other stuff, but I cut my finger yesterday and the plaster on my middle finger is making typing, not hard, but annoying. So maybe I’ll update more a bit later on.

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