X-wing re-paints, the imperials!

Paul only went and got me a little bit excited for re-painting X-wing models, something I’d considered and then put off for fear of bodging it up. These were done a little while back but I’ve only just remembered I needed to post about them!

He started with his scum & villainy and I was so impressed and inspired, that I felt compelled to do the same to my imperials… because let’s face it, the varying shades of grey on the imperial ships is borderline ridiculous. My TIE fighters looked practically white in a bright light, we can’t be having that.

Anyway, I digress… I quickly popped out to the shed to prep and undercoat a TIE fighter guinea pig, I don’t use TIE fighters as much as I could so it was a fitting test subject. If it all went pear shaped, no biggy.. it’s only a TIE fighter.

Masking tape over the peg, black undercoat (no need to strip the existing paint, it’s thin enough already and doesn’t obscure any details), a dark grey basecoat, wash with the army painter equivalent of devlan mud (they really need to work on some more memorable names), drybrush with the basecoat grey, drybrush with a lighter grey and then re-paint the panels black and paint up the cockpit canopy bit (army painter chaotic red, P3 skorne red and final highlight of P3 khador base)

The finished article


It went much better than planned, so I went outside and undercoated the next 3 ships to get started on them too:


These are all done barring the panels being painted in black, because that was the most tedious part of the whole paint job. I’ll drag them out next time I’m set up for an evening of painting and get them all done and dusted.. then it’s on to the TIE interceptors next.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about getting your X-wing models painted up, I’d seriously recommend giving it a go. Even the most basic basecoat / wash / drybrush / details will look good if done with a little care and your force will stand out on the tabletop.. and everyone knows a good looking force is a magnet for good dice rolls.

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