Re: Wargamer Taxonomy

Just found this in my drafts, not entirely sure why I never got around to posting it.. but it’s dated March 21st 2014.. so it’s safe to say it’s a bit on the late side, it was interesting enough to dig out and finish off. So without further ado…

Big Lee, over at Big Lee’s Miniature Adventures has re-posted a look at the make up of a gamer, you can read his take on that right here.

Go there, read the summary and then come back. This is my gamer DNA:

10% Immersion – This is becoming increasingly less and less important to me but it’s still up there as one of the things that keeps me interested, not as much as it used to.. maybe back when I played just one game and had hour upon hour of free time to read (read as: ‘when I was a teenager’) but less so know. The game world still has to tickle me a little but it’s not the be all and end all.

20% Social – It’s always good to spend time playing a game with likeminded people, I’m less inclined to go to a club where there’s a lot of people making a whole lot of noise, preferring to play with friends in the more sedate environment of someone’s kitchen (or my own!)

69% Showcasing/Modelling – This is the big reason I got suckered into this wargaming lark. I love painting, modelling and making stuff and wargaming lets me scratch that itch in a big way, whenever I find the time to do any of it.

1% Strategy – Ehh… I know I should think things through and I do frequently try, but more often than not I get sidetracked into something that looks infinitely more fun but is equal parts ‘stupid’

0% Competition – I gave no shits about winning, yes it’s nice but ultimately this is one of the points that I just really don’t give that much of a rats arse about. I could receive the arse kicking of a lifetime over a game (and quite frequently do) but in doing so I’ve had the opportunity to tickle my other hobby fancies (as above!) – Of course, when I come back from an evenings gaming, the wife will inevitably ask “did you win?” and I should really respond with a resounding “Hell yes!” some time. Although to be fair to her, she now tends to ask “Did you have fun?” – I think even she’s clued into my losing streak.

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