Project Necrons: Still going!

Ok so I hit a bit of a slump with this one, not helped by the amount of time it took to get hold of the first batch of models. Remember my first post about them? Yeea.. I planned to have a necron army ready for a tournament in April.. that’s April this year. It’s July the 1st tomorrow. Yea.

Anyway! I had a little bit a resurgence and picked up a whole bunch of necron scarabs from Ian over at The Wargaming Trader… these little guys will be re-purposed into necron destroyers / heavy destroyers and the occasional necron lord model.. and tomb spiders… and.. anything else I can get out of them.

I picked up around 50 or so individual scarabs I think, I’ll lose some of that number to conversions gone wrong and whatnot but there’s plenty to soak up a little collateral damage.


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