Project Necrons: Still going!


Ok so I hit a bit of a slump with this one, not helped by the amount of time it took to get hold of the first batch of models. Remember my first post about them? Yeea.. I planned to have a necron army ready for a tournament in April.. that’s April this year. It’s […]

Re: Wargamer Taxonomy

Just found this in my drafts, not entirely sure why I never got around to posting it.. but it’s dated March 21st 2014.. so it’s safe to say it’s a bit on the late side, it was interesting enough to dig out and finish off. So without further ado… Big Lee, over at Big Lee’s […]

X-wing re-paints, the imperials!


Paul only went and got me a little bit excited for re-painting X-wing models, something I’d considered and then put off for fear of bodging it up. These were done a little while back but I’ve only just remembered I needed to post about them! He started with his scum & villainy and I was […]