I scored a goal! woohoo!

More Guild Ball I’m afraid. Played another game vs Dave’s Alchemist team the other night, I lost on a 12 – 4 score (2 goals and 2 take downs versus 1 goal) but… I scored a goal! I’ll take that.

I feel happier with my team now, beginning to get a better handle on what they can and can’t do (to prove this, I think I scored 2-3 points of damage the whole game, 1 of those came from Dave’s own team) – had a giggle using Siren’s ‘lure’ to walk Mercury into his own AoE effect and I kept using the same ability throughout the game (as opposed to past efforts, mentioned in my last blog post) – Kraken seems like a great tar pit, given that he can knock opponents down with just 1 hit and he can drag them into melee range with his harpoon play. Of course, anyone can chance a parting blow to get free but it’s only going to take 1 hit to stop them in their tracks.

I also made sure I didn’t suffer from the effects of being on fire and being poisoned too much, clearing it as soon as I got it in most cases. Salt died to effects and I might have done better had I not ignored the burning poisoned otter but.. I had other people to spend the momentum on (as it was, Angel and Greyscales were down to 5 wounds left each and weren’t far off being knocked down), maybe not letting him get hit in the first place is the best way forward.

My dice need serious talking to as well, 11 dice from Shark on the attack, needing 5s to hit and.. nothing. Well, them’s the dice.. got to take whatever they give you.

Anyway, looking at a second team and brewers are now winning out mostly because they’re one of the few remaining teams not snapped up by local players, I don’t mind doubling up in some scenarios but better if we’ve got a good range of teams to pick and choose from. They’d also allow me to talk in an obnoxious Scottish accent for all my games using them, what’s not to like?! They’ll have to wait until I’m flush with cash and the painting table is clear though.

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