Guild Ball and my first few outings!

Well it took a little while after the models were delivered to get a game in but I finally got there just before heading off on holiday a week or two back or so. I played Dave’s Alchemists and royally got my backside handed to me! Mental note.. AoE attacks are brutal, don’t bunch up! Dave won with a 12 – 0 scoreline.. but it was my first game! So plenty to learn and remember yet.

My second game was last night vs Paul’s Morticians.. again, AoE attacks are brutal but I remembered to build and spend momentum clearing effects (Take a breather / Come on mate!) before they could really do much damage. I also had a better handle on what my team was capable of. That was a 2 – 0 victory to Paul, we ran out of time!

In both games, Siren got taken out. I need to remember she’s more of a support piece than a heavy hitter (and this is where the model trips me up a bit! She looks like she should be a bit of a sneaky stealthy stabby assassin type.. but she’s really not)

It’ll take a bunch more games to really get up to speed with my team and know what they’re capable of, but for my play style I probably picked the worst team to start off with.. I always tended to lean towards the hitty / punchy teams in Blood Bowl (let’s not confuse the two though, they are very different games) and the way I’ve been trying to play my fishermen isn’t that far removed from that ‘hit them, worry about the ball later’ ethos, going so far as to actually forget about the ball in the first game vs Dave.. maybe I really should pick up the butchers next.

Either way, it’s nice to get started playing a game that everyone is on a similar level of familiarity with, so we’re all learning alongside one another. So, my thoughts on Guild Ball? It’s a great fast flowing game (even if my first few games have taken upwards of 2 hours each.. that time will come down with familiarity!), with plenty of opportunity for twists and turns throughout the game turn. It’s nice that there’s a mechanic for shrugging effects off mid-turn too, meaning that you don’t feel too put out when half your team is set alight by a cheekily thrown in AoE attack.

Game 1 vs Dave’s Alchemists:

Game 2 vs Paul’s Morticians:

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