Salute 2015, space games! yay!

So the weekend rolled around and Salute 2015 came and went. I didn’t go, one year I’ll get round to going, but anyway.. the main news coming out that excites me is all the spacey combat games trickling out. First off, there’s Spartan’s halo game which I honestly don’t know much about.. but the one really tickling my fancy is Hawk Wargames’ ‘Dropfleet Commander‘ (I don’t know if that name is set in stone yet but it seems to be what everyone’s calling it.. it works for me, so we’ll stick with that for now)

The main twist with DFC is that battles don’t take place in space, they take place around a planet, meaning you could potentially be playing over part of a continent, with little cities a few inches wide as terrain pieces.

That right there is enough to get me all giddy with excitement. It’s a nice twist to the usual featureless plain black gaming board (with flecks of white paint for a faux starfield effect)

One I’ll definitely keep an eye on, release date looks tentatively set for the end of the year / early next year.

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