Quick tip: Basing swatches

If you’re like me, you’re an indecisive git when it comes to painting your bases and because you don’t want to try anything new (and risky on a freshly painted model!) you’ll just end up doing the same colours as usual.. sound about right? Yes? Well fear not, I have a solution! I’ve recently started making up some, for want of a better term, ‘basing swatches’

It’s a simple idea and a piece of cake to prep in advance if you can be bothered. Just grab some lollipop sticks, stick some masking tape down to mark out a few distinct areas. Throw on your PVA, throw on your basing materials, whip off the masking tape and then let it all dry. Once dry, seal it down with thinned out PVA and let that dry again… and then undercoat!

That whole process (barring the masking tape obviously) is my whole pre-undercoat basing technique. To be clear about it, I’m a weirdy beardy who likes to base my models before undercoating. More on that another day, let’s just assume for now that you too base first, undercoat later.

Basically I’ll use them to try out different colour combinations, see how they all work alongside one another and it saves me ruining a model or two that would be headed for the fairy power spray bath if I didn’t like the basing combo and/or had a total brain fart moment in picking colours.

Have a nifty little photo to show what I mean, these have been sealed down and are awaiting their undercoat:


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