Pond progress

Just a little progress on the ponds, I dug out a tester pot of paint I forgot I had over the weekend and slapped it down on the black undercoated ponds. I think it may have been ‘double espresso’ something.. double something or other.. a homebase ‘own brand’ paint anyway. It dried a lot darker than it looks in the pot, which is a blessing in disguise really (and thinning it out probably helped a fair bit in that regard) – it’s a chocolate brown kind of colour.

Once that had dried, I drybrushed the old citadel foundation ‘khemri brown’ all over, followed by a lighter drybrush of P3 Trollblood Highlight.

The gravel / stones were drybrushed with citadel foundation adeptus battlegrey (I think.. need to check the name on the pot) and then a lighter drybrush with Vallejo game colour ‘cold grey’ – I took the photo below before getting the stones done, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for those bits.

That’s where I’m up to so far with it, next steps are finding a static grass that isn’t luminous green.. grabbing a soft bristled brush to steal bristles from for the reeds.. paint the ‘bed’ of the pond.. then decide on a colour to use in the resin water.


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