More weekend progress

This weekend saw the delivery of the cheapest hobby supply I think I’ve ever bought. So I needed a broom head for my ponds so that I could steal a handful of bristles to use as reeds.. right? Right.. well.. £2, free postage, I bought a new 12″ broom head off of ebay. It probably cost them more than £2 to post the damn thing and there’s enough on there to make several boards worth of ponds with reeds.. so I won’t be wanting for them for a long while.

The saga of the pond!

So! The pond has had a lick of paint for what will be the water area and I’ve added some reeds in (simple, drill holes, mix original olive green colour with some pva, cut a wedge of bristles off and stuff them in the hole!)

In hindsight, I cut the bristles extra long on the first pond so that I could trim them down once the glue had cured but for the second pond, I just cut the bristles short to begin with which wasn’t as hard to handle as I first imagined and looks a lot more natural (the bristles taper at the end, trimming them down removes that taper which looks a bit blunt.. I might just be being a bit finickity about it all and should probably just get over it)

I’ve decided against using the Vallejo still water (owing to shrinkage issues) and I’m now erring towards picking up some envirotex lite for a better finish so I’ll be getting that ordered this week.

Lastly, I’ve ordered a bunch of different static flocks to try out but again, already leaning towards a darker / knackered looking autumnal grass than the bright luminous greens which seem to be everywhere.

So the last few steps to do:

– pour the water
– flock the outer area


Guild Ball

My guild ball models have been undercoated for the best part of a week now but I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike before getting started (and arguably waiting for the missing ball to turn up so I could get that done at the same time!) Inspiration did strike last night but only enough to paint up the ball and Salt, the fishermen’s otter mascot.


Epic: Necrons

Almost forgot about these guys, the very slow burning project.. I whipped out the green stuff and for want of a better term, ‘blended’ them into their bases, hiding whatever gaps and lumps and bumps (hence all the sanding down of the integrated bases!) and then finally got the bases all textured up. I just need to thin some PVA down and seal them all down then they’ll be ready for undercoating.

Doing a whole army of these is going to destroy my fingers. I need to find a better way to sand down those pesky bases.


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