Looking at an upcoming GW release, excuse the cynic in me

So there’s been some noise on the grapevine recently that GW are releasing a board game and it isn’t another space hulk re-vamp. Shocking I know.

Cool your heels off for a minute there, let’s take a look at what we’re hearing. The board game is based around the officio assassinorum and players will be able to play as the 4 different assassins (callidus, eversor, vindicator and that other stupid big headed one I could never remember), facing off against, as always, the insidious threat of chaos! Woo. Ok, so you’re going to get 4 new plastic assassin models. If I played 40k any more, that would excite me. The lack of new models for the rest of the set leaves me feeling a bit flat though. The other models are basically a chaos terminator lord, three plastic chaos marines and fifteen chaos cultists. All existing models (and indeed, the chaos terminator lord model is getting on a bit now.. he was released sometime around 2007 I think)

This from BoLS:

Update: It seems like this is going to be a self contained product that will lead on to the release of the new plastic Assassins later on down the line.

Really.. you don’t say? Honestly.

Again, the cynic in me is making noises and says that GW won’t get around to releasing the assassins for quite some time (why would they release them any time soon and water down the profits from this game?), meaning if you want them, you’re going to have to buy them all together. With a bunch of other useless shit. Apparently the retail price for this game will be $100, So at a guess, £60-70 there or thereabouts? For 4 new models, plus a bunch of older push-fit models. Fab! This from a company that said it effectively doesn’t care about games, it cares about selling its “jewel like objects of wonder that are citadel miniatures

My cash-grab sense is all a-tinglin’ – I stand to be corrected, I really hope one day that I’m wrong. But going on GW’s past record, I’m going to stick with my gut instinct for this one and go for “this is a blatant minimal effort cash grab”

Here’s the cover of WD showing the assassins off in all their glory: http://imgur.com/a/NiZ2R

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