Hobby Week – just an idea? Any thoughts?…

Ok, here’s a random thought… my painting / modelling set up is exceedingly nomadic looking, everything relating to painting or modelling that I own is crammed into those funky stacking crates that you get with your ASDA online food shop (ask them nicely if you can have one, you’d be surprised! Worse case scenario, get one of your kids to ask.. they can’t rightly say no to a five year old can they?) so a lot of my painting and hobby related ‘stuff‘ relies entirely on me being bothered enough to dig out the boxes from the garage / shed and it’s been this way ever since sprog #1 turned up and booted me out of my handy little matchbox sized ‘home office’… I say ‘home office’ like I ever actually did any work in there, it was just a chair, a desk and a whole lot of stuff floating around. A bit chaotic looking from the outside but I knew where everything lived…

Anyway, I digress. The days of “I’ll just drybrush these, it’ll take 5 minutes and then I’ll go downstairs and watch telly with the wife” are long gone, a much more accurate representation of it is “I’ll just go dig my boxes out of the shed, bring them in here, get it all set up and then drybrush those models, it’ll only take 15-20 minutes and then I’ll watch telly with the wife… oh, I better put those boxes back out of the way before the kids come downstairs in the morning

Maybe I’ll get my hobby space back some time in the distant future when we buy a house big enough to warrant giving over a bedroom to my hobby pursuits but for the time being I have to make do with what we’ve got.

The point is, I don’t do as much hobby stuff as I could because most of the time I’m too lazy to go dig all that stuff out just to do the next ink wash / drybrush / gluing session etc. – it feels like a whole lot of unnecessary effort just to paint for 5 minutes. The thing that helps with that is..

Having lots of stuff on the go

So I only need to spend 5 minutes drybrushing those guys huh? Ok, well whilst I’ve got all my tools and stuff out, I’ll assemble this other chap.. and I’ll base that unit.. and so on and so forth.

The idea here is that I have a number of rolling projects, but the overall thought is that I spend a whole week doing some hobby stuff every day for at least a week. ‘Hobby related stuff’ can be anything from painting, model prep, assembling, modelling, making terrain, actually playing a game.. as long as it has a tenuous link to my hobby, then it counts.

Is it at all feasible?

Absolutely! I’m on a roll and I’m on day 3 already, today’s ‘hobby’ brought to you by the sealing coat of PVA on some terrain I’m making.. tomorrow’s will be the undercoat on those same pieces of terrain. The day after? Maybe the postman will have brought me some nice goodies to clean up and assemble.

So, I’m toying with the idea of pledging to myself, to do a ‘hobby week’ say, once a month or so? Maybe once every other month when I take into consideration all the other crap I have to do / like to do / holidays / etc. – but eh, does it have legs? Maybe.. would it help clear back log? Definitely!

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