Hectic and a half

Well it’s the Easter weekend which for us UK chaps and chapettes, means 4 days off work if we’re lucky enough to not work in hospitality or something like that.. and for those of us with kids, that just means an extra 2 days to keep the kids entertained. Not much time for hobby stuff by and large but I’ve tried to squeeze in time for whatever I could whenever I could. Which means one late night digging out my tools and glue and all the assorted bits and pieces to get some models built and cramming in some basing early morning before taking the kids out for the day.

The good news is that the Guild Ball goodies finally arrived on Saturday morning, I think I might have scared the postman when I practically wrenched the door open when he knocked.. it’s good news because it meant not having to wait until Tuesday (see above re: public holidays!) – I could get them cleaned up, assembled, based and undercoated all this weekend before heading back to work after the bank holiday. I’ve just about managed to do that (barring the undercoat, that’s tomorrow morning)

They’re very nice models, a bit fiddly in places but I can let that slide… mold lines are near non-existent (but I know I’ll find them once the paint goes down!) and there’s a few models I know will have breakages at some stage, they’re that fiddly looking but overall got to say I’m really impressed with the level of detail in the casts. Paul and Dave haven’t received theirs yet but that I assume is a side effect of pledging for more than one team.. I’m a tight git and only got the one team so I’m going to pretend that it wasn’t just luck of the draw that saw me get mine first :) Either way, I’ve got a head start so no excuses to not have a painted team (or at least a semi-painted team!) on the table some time this week!

Now, I better brush up on those rules at some point soon…

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