Weekend progress

For the first time in forever, I managed to string together a bunch of days worth of painting! I’d gotten started on my Malifaux Steamborg Executioner (nowadays called ‘Howard Langston’) previously and he needed finishing, and I’ve got a bunch of other bits and pieces beginning to build up on my imaginary desk.

Time to get some stuff done and cleared out of the way in time for Guild Ball minis turning up. Hopefully they’ll arrive some time this week!

So, ‘things I got done this weekend™

Project: Necrons

As I’ve received all the odds and sods I needed to get going with the infantry, I figured it was about time I actually got off my arse and got started. Cue lots of swearing. I drew blood whilst sanding the integrated bases down on the first infantry detachment and managed a whopping 6 bases.. out of an estimated 30 or so that I need to do out of the current batch of miniatures.There’s an extra 10 or so on top of that to consider too. So that was fun. It wasn’t until the morning after that I realised I had a dremel tucked away somewhere in my shed, so I’ll dig that out sometime soon and see if I can make the process a little more bearable.

I’ll get the other bases assembled before giving these guys their obligatory coat of sand and gravel, might as well do them all in one hit right?


Malifaux Arcanists

The slow burn project keeps on ticking over, as mentioned above, I’d previously gotten started on the steamborg executioner a month or so back and needed to crack on with him. In the mean time I’d also finally bought a december acolyte (the old metal, not keen on the plastics still) – I got that little guy prepped up on Saturday night, undercoated Sunday morning and started painting Sunday evening. I’ve enjoyed painting him so far, lots of greys and I always enjoy painting coats and robes and things, they’re a great thing to practice blending on. Another evening of painting and he’ll be done and he can go in the figure case with the rest of them to await his first outting on the tabletop.



Not much to show on this, I got on a roll with the painting so this was largely limited to ‘what I could do on Sunday morning before the kids woke up and started nosing around‘ – I’d whipped out the jigsaw and hand sander on Saturday afternoon to get a handful of bases cut out and sanded down and had plans to throw together some simple scatter terrain and a pond. I love water features. I got as far as cutting out some styrofoam edges for two ponds (one big, one small) but that’s about it. Still, a little progress is better than none at all. I may get those bits out one evening this week to carry on but we’ll see.

So.. the most productive weekend in what feels like years. Happy happy happy. Now if those Guild Ball models would just hurry up and arrive…

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