WAMP Kickstarter

The lovely chaps at WAMP have set up a Kickstarter project to fund the production of their own range of kolinsky sable brushes. It wasn’t until now that I realised the WAMP chaps are based in the UK… d’oh.

So, have some relevant links… for starters, the kickstarter project.. the cheapest pledge is £20 (unless you count the £1 to pick and choose add-ons) and that gets you the basic 4 brush starter set. Slap another £7 on and you’ll get yourself a pot of brush soap and a choice between a bamboo roll (for rolling your brushes up in, duh) or a brush case (for not rolling your brushes up in) – sounds like a steal to me, put me down for the £27 level.. my old W&N Series 7 brushes could do with being replaced.

Not sure who WAMP actually are? I was only vaguely aware of them, having liked their FB page some time ago and spotting the occasional update slipping through into my news feed with pretty painted minis in it. Basically, WAMP is a forum for miniature painters and there are some highly talented folk out there sharing their secrets. Go check them out.

(update: I just realised that they’re now doing some backer achievments too, they’re only 10 backers away from pledges of £20 and over receiving a 5% discount on the WAMP store.. go get pledging!)

This post was not sponsored by WAMP (or the WAMP store), I swear.

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