Project: Necrons is go!

Finally received the last of my order from Exodus Wars yesterday, a bunch of Evil Robots Edenites! Specifically the models I’ll use for Lords and Pariahs. Incidentally, there was a bit of a mix up with the order and I received some extra stuff that I hadn’t ordered… emailed Tom and he told me there’d been a mix up, but to keep them as a thank you for being so patient. Hurrah!

Naturally this means I now have to think about what armies they could potentially be used in.. that may be one for later in the year, one epic project at a time is enough for me.

Ok, so I have all the infantry I could possibly ever want for the Necrons, but as I’ve said before, I like to do all those related bits and pieces together at the same time.. if I painted up half of a detachment before actually getting the last few stands, I’d worry that they wouldn’t perfectly match up when I finally got the latter half painted up. A teeny tiny bit obsessive maybe, but it keeps me happy if I can churn them out production line stylee.

So… vehicles! I need to work on the obelisks, monoliths, etc. and pick up some necron scarabs to convert into destroyers too (now that I have the spares to use for them!)

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