Open Combat er.. Kickstarter

Honest to god I’m not just here to pimp the hell out of the various gaming related kickstarters but here’s one you need to have a nose at: Open Combat – Miniature Skirmish Game Rulebook

Probably best just to let them describe it:

Open Combat is a fast-paced tabletop skirmish game in which you can create the heroes, adventures and battles of your imagination using any miniatures that you wish.

In a nutshell, it’s a big fat hobby enabler. You’ve all got models knocking around that you don’t have a use for at the moment, right? Well, dust off those old figure cases and set those models free, you just got a reason to use them again. Hurrah! What’s not to love?

Got to blame the local hobby enabler Dave for flagging this one up. I had it on my remind me list but wasn’t sure but knowing there’s local interest is enough to draw me in. You can’t argue with £15 (plus P&P!) for a hardback book right?

The rules are already available in a PDF format, this kickstarter is just for getting the rules into print. PDFs are all well and good but I struggle to sit down and read them on a tablet, I just prefer a big fat hardback book where my rules are concerned.

Anyway, this one looks like it could be fun for some crazy scenario play. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it :)

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