Well it’s been a while

Ahem.. excuse me, I think my last blog post was somewhere over a year ago and at the time, I wasn’t really even sure what I wanted out of this blog. To be fair, I still don’t know, but I do miss having somewhere to rant and waffle under the impression that someone might read it and agree with me.

So, let’s start fresh again shall we? I’ve binned all the other posts and this is the start. Again. Because how many times have I re-started this damn thing? Who cares, it’s a place to vent and air my thoughts.

A lot has happened in that time, for starters, me and the wife bought our first home.. hurrah! As a result, I lost my garage and gained a big shed. Shed. Not quite big enough to host an evening of games in it.. yet, I haven’t really sorted it out yet thanks to a distinct lack of sunlight in the evenings, though plans are afoot.. I foresee a summer of shed jobs and gardening. There’s a big patch of grass I want to turn into a patio for starters. The single most annoying thing about the shed is that I seem to be trapped in some kind of crazy condensation cycle, meaning some of my lovely old books have turned into breeding ground for fungus. But I dutifully drilled some big holes up in the eaves and put some vents in, so that should sort that problem out in no time.

Er.. yea.. back to gaming and modelling and stuff, excuse my brief foray into gardener’s world territory there.

I feel like I’m lacking a new years resolution post.. I definitely am missing a new years resolution post, so why not start with looking at last years resolution post? Ok, well there isn’t much of one really.. beyond ‘play hordes for the first time’ – I did and.. promptly sold the trollbloods I’d painted up. I love the models. I love the rules in principle.. but I just can’t get myself too excited about it at all it seems.

So yea.. that happened. I played a bunch of Malifaux, played a whole boat load of X-wing, played some other random stuff here and there and I don’t think I actually managed to do anything of any real significance gaming-wise. My life kinda got taken over in the latter half of last year with that house buying / moving lark but it’s beginning to calm down a bit now.

Ok, coming up some time in the near future.. a (very late) new years resolution of sorts. Hold tight.

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