Malifaux progress

Way back in the mists of time, I set about painting up my first Malifaux crew. I actually wrote a blog post about it too, aren’t I clever? No?… Well, you could at least pretend to be impressed.

Well, in that very same blog post, I uttered the words “It’s something of a slow burning project” – so two years on, how is my ‘slow burn’ doing? A little slower than I probably first intended, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

I’ve added a bunch of other bits and pieces, bought a new master (Ramos) because his play style really tickled my fancy (and having had a few games with him, I realise he is right up my street) – I’ve mostly just added bits and pieces that I liked the look of (but still had some relevance to my masters!), rather than gaming it up.

I’ve probably not played as many games as I’d have liked to, time always seems to be a factor and games are rarely finished in one evening. That may simply be down to a lack of familiarity with the rules (something I struggle with if I’m not playing a game constantly!) but time considerations aside, the game remains a firm favourite and is still there in the ‘slow burn’ category on the modelling/painting side of things.

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