A belated new years post, part 1

It’s almost the end of February and here I am writing a new years resolution post! I could just cheat and add in the stuff I’ve already managed to get done this year so far. Honestly, no word of a lie, I’ve already painted up 50ss worth of Malifaux minis. I swear. You believe me right?…

Let’s just get straight into the nitty gritty shall we?

Epic Armageddon – army number two is on the cards, Necrons this time around. Arguably I’d have gotten started on this earlier had Exodus Wars managed to ship bits to me in December, but stock levels are stock levels, nothing to be done about it when the bits you want simply aren’t there.

That order eventually came.. at the end of January.. and the other bits I wanted weren’t in stock, so they’re on back order. Being the sperg I am, I want to tackle the infantry in one go (consistency!) so for the time being I’m resolutely refusing to do anything with the small horde of evil robots sitting in a tub in my shed until I have all the bits I need. Which conveniently means I can put off deciding how to base them.. flames of war small bases are winning the battle at the moment, even if they do feel a little large for Epic (they do fall within the maximum size limits for bases though, so ‘technically’ it’s not a problem)

On a side note, the price necron scarabs go for on ebay is horrendous. If anyone wants to throw handfuls of scarabs at me for free then get in touch.

So, part of this years resolution is to have a tournament legal Necron army painted up ready to go. Again, I did initially want this done by April in time for a tournament (that reminds me, need to buy tickets and/or check with the boss wife) but I haven’t decided on how to do the vehicles and warmachines yet (there’s a few options).. so April is a hilariously optimistic target, so I’ll settle for ‘by the end of the year’

Guildball – ..is on the cards for delivery in March! I’m getting excited now, having played a few games with Dave and Paul, I’m looking forward to making it a bit more real with models on the table. What’s the resolution here? Simple, don’t take too long painting the gits up but don’t blitz my way through them, as a very low model count game, I feel like these guys deserve some TLC and an extra bit of polish.

I also have this itch to make some new terrain for the game but as with all my terrain projects, I get as far as covering my fingers in PVA glue and have to set something aside for the day, waiting for it to dry and then losing interest until inspiration strikes again, which kinda leads me on to my next one…

Something productive – I’m lumping a bunch of things under this heading because they don’t really deserve their own heading all on their lonesome, but together they do. I’m talking about making things and I don’t mean with cereal packets and sticky back plastic, I generally mean that I’ve been dabbling with 3D printing, laser cutting and casting (not all three at the same time, that’d be some mean feat)

I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of this wargaming hobby, I was the kid drawn in by the possibility of making my very own model river for my little toy soldiers to charge through rather than getting excited about the game itself* (probably why I forgave 40k for its failings for such a long time) and it seems silly to not at least have a stab at making something with the newer technologies. Time, space, inspiration, and money – as ever – are the limiting factors, I’ll try to get around to at least trying my hand at some of those things this year, hopefully something a little beyond the mere dabbling I’ve managed to date. I just want to make lots and lots of cool shit.

Getting lots of games in – family life, other hobbies (shock horror!, yes there are other things that hold my interest), etc. all generally conspire against massive gaming sessions, so as much as I’d love to make a resolution to play a game every week or something like that, the reality is that I simply don’t have the time to get models to the table. I’ll settle for ‘get at least two games in this year’ – there, that’s a realistic challenging enough goal I think.

Write! – write a blog post at least more often than once every 6 months! haha.. who am I kidding.

* incidentally, this is also why I can also see myself getting excited about model trains when I’m old and my arthritis stops me from rolling dice.

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