New gaming, Malifaux and me.. I think we’re getting on

Malifaux is a game that, from the outside, looked at best confusing and at worst boring.. character driven skirmish game they said.. sounds like rubbish I said. Oh little old me should have realised a good thing when it grabbed me by the clangers and said “look at meeeee

I’ve always been convinced by the models (they’re gorgeous) and frequently found myself wanting to buy an ice golem just for the sake of painting (more on that in a minute) but I never really found myself wanting to invest the time in trying to understand the game. I made a few half hearted promises to get a demo game in with the local players but never really stuck to my own word.

I’m kicking myself now. I’m only three games in and I’m a total convert.. for a number of reasons, first and foremost.. gorgeous models and now I have no excuse not to buy some each month. Gorgeous individual models also bring the added benefit of no more assembly line painting and assembling of tens of faceless troopers (who are inevitably destined to die in the first turn of a game anyway) and there seems to be, at first glance, very little in the way of duplication in a crew so you can really go to town painting them up, so from a modelling and painting perspective, you cannot go wrong… from a gaming perspective, the card mechanic really is a very welcome breath of fresh air and allows for more tactical decisions (burnt through a lot of high cards early in the turn? Odds aren’t good that you’re going to get another high card when you need it.. got the black joker in your hand? Keep it there, you know it’s not in the deck to be drawn out when you least expect it.. the examples go on and on) – I can’t say I miss the randomness of the dice at all!

So anyway, I digress… some time earlier this year, I set out on a cold and snowy morning with my youngest in tow to visit the local game store in the vague hope that they’d have what I wanted in stock. They did not disappoint and I bought myself the Rasputina crew set, (3 ice gamin, 1 ice golem and Rasputina herself).. I based this decision entirely on the models. As I said earlier, I’ve always had a soft spot for the ice golem so it was a no brainer. Go with what you’d most like to paint, that’s the best way to pick a new army / crew / faction / whatever.

Luckily for me, I quite like her play style too.

I’ve added an essence of power to partner Raspy since picking up the starter and I’m lining up a silent one and blessed of december as well. It’s something of a slow burning project, finding time to paint up one model is infinitely easier than trying to churn out ten troops for a squad so it’s definitely tickling me on the hobby front.

So, that’s kinda what I’ve been up to in my downtime… I’ve also got a slow burning attempt at getting into Hordes with a Trollblood faction, but I’m not as far along with that as I am Malifaux. More on those guys whenever I make some progress worth showing.

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