Model overload syndrome, too many games, too little time

So pay day rolls around again and I find myself, after a month of not spending a penny on hobby ‘things’, yearning to buy.. something. My magpie gamer senses are tingling.

I’m keen to keep purchasing hordes minis, but I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve not gotten on very far with what I’ve currently got. It’s taken me almost 3 months to get one Trollblood impaler painted. I don’t want to buy stuff just for it to gather dust for the next few months before I get a chance to build / paint it plus I have a dire troll waiting some loving too.

I’m also keen to carry on filling out my Malifaux arcanists crew but the next batch of models that I should get are a bit pap so my enthusiasm has taken a little kicking there.

I’m also conscious of the fact that dropzone commander is still a gorgeous looking game and I really want to give it a crack.

Then I’ve been painting up 40k bits recently as well but I don’t want to plow money at that until I’m certain I’m definitely going to play (after all, the bits I’ve been painting have been gathering dust for a year or two so I don’t consider it a lost investment if I don’t end up doing anything with them) – I do have a little 500 point starting force in mind, I’m mostly there with what I’ve got.. just need to throw in a dreadnought and some scouts and et voila, 500 points.

Then there’s the obligatory distractions such as x-wing and dreadball, the former I own but haven’t bought any expansions for (and again, I’m keen for it) and the latter I’m yet to try, yet both are crying out for attention.

God damn Wargaming ADD.

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