Guild Ball: Butchers progress


Just some painting progress, at the time of writing I’ve got 3 nights of painting left to get these guys done for Saturday’s tournament. Currently I have Ox, Princess, Boar, Brisket completed. Shank and Boiler are practically there too but they have a few last touch ups to be made. The more pressing issue is […]

Guild Ball: The first win!


It’s taken a while but I finally scored my first win in Guild Ball, using the Butchers this time and not the Fishermen. I, like many others, were lulled into picking the fishermen as a kickstarter reward based solely on their awesome artwork. I didn’t know much about their play style and picked them purely […]

Frostgrave: Terrain / Token progress


So I’ve got some progress pics for the awesomeness that is Frostgrave, specifically terrain, I’m squeezing in work on this lot whenever I’m not painting or assembling models for one of the many other games that fill my figure cases with models. Nice to finally get somewhere with a terrain project, usually these things get […]

Hobby time needed

Need to get a list out there of stuff I’ve got on the boil, because I’m sure I’ve forgotten a project or two that’s gathering dust and could be being worked on right now. Guild Ball Butchers Half assembled and began painting the starter set, the other half languishing in blister packs awaiting a bit […]


Kaboom! It’s only a bloody hobby-splosion! I’ve been a busy bee recently, there’s been painting, there’s been (some) gaming, there’s been some branching out into new territories.. New stuff Let’s start off on that first point. I say ‘new’, in one particular case it’s more a re-visiting.. I decided a while back that I’m not […]

Project Necrons: Oh dear

Well there’s some sad news, exodus wars is no more! For those not in the know, they’re the manufacturer of a whole bunch of 6mm minis including the funky evil not-necron robots that many people use for their not-necron armies. You can read a bit more over on TACCOMMS. Can’t say fairer than that really! […]

A new era: Age of Sigmar

This weekend saw the ‘new‘ warhammer going up for pre-order, for anyone who’s been living under a rock, let me give you a quick rundown.. warhammer as you knew and loved it, is long gone. Goodbye to massed ranked fantasy battles, hello fantasy skirmish on round bases. That’s the gist of it at the very […]

Project Necrons: Still going!


Ok so I hit a bit of a slump with this one, not helped by the amount of time it took to get hold of the first batch of models. Remember my first post about them? Yeea.. I planned to have a necron army ready for a tournament in April.. that’s April this year. It’s […]